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Our Revenue Model: FSBO System, LLC (the proptech company) will recruit, train and support Counselors. We will earn our revenue when their clients register for the Tutorial. (It is like a professor assigning a textbook for the class).

Our Growth Goals are drawn from our Expansion Plan and Pro Forma:

  • Month 26: operate in the black,
  • Month 40: achieve 2% share of the North American market,
  • Month 48: repay all current and new investors. 

Within ten years, we will achieve 14% of the North American market, making $26m per month profit, and we will still be growing exponentially.

Our Expansion Plan:

  • Step 1: Revise Our IP for a National Market. To be clear: our technology works just fine right now. Every day, people from all walks of life sell their home using the FSBO System®. 4,000 people have used it over the years. 

    But our materials – not the technology, but the presentation of it — should be revised, expanded, and upgraded for a nationwide market. Step 1 will cost about $750,000 and take about a year. 
  • Step 2: Operations. In Step 2 we will recruit, train and support new FSBO System® Counselors. The most successful will become Exclusive Licensees. (See the For Realtors Section.) 95% of our Tutorial revenue will be generated by these Exclusive Licensees.

    It will take time and resources to develop a steady stream of outstanding new Exclusive Licensees. Then we will need to front resources to support them, including a significant matching grant for their start-up marketing campaign. Thus Step 2 will require an initial operating subsidy of about $3,250,000.

Industry Transformation. An independent professional marketing survey found that, if the FSBO System®  were available nationwide, eventually half of all home sellers would use it.

Investment. We seek a total investment of $4,000,000. This is an estimate based on our growth projections. If we grow more rapidly than projected, we could need additional investment. We can structure the investment any way that works for both parties.

Exit. At some point during Step 2, we will either issue an IPO or be acquired by a national brand. 

More Information. The Tutorial and supporting materials, the Customer Service Utility, the full Expansion Plan and Pro Forma, and out national marketing study, are all available.

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