The Big Picture

The FSBO System® is not just exciting technology, a sound investment, and a great career. We directly benefit people’s lives. Consider the average American family selling the average American home in 2021: 

They sold their home for $480,000 and paid a 6% sales commission of  $29,000, the equivalent of almost half (46%) of their annual salary.

On the other hand, most FSBO System® clients pay only 1.5% commission. That means an additional $22,000 in tax-free cash to the seller. This is your money. You can spend it on a real estate agent or on yourself. For example, with $22,000:

  • You can pay the tuition and fees for an MBA at your state university, 
  • You can move to a better house. (from the $480,000 house to a $590,000 house, using an 80% LTV mortgage.) 
  • You can pay off all your credit cards (average $6,200) and have enough left over to take the whole family on a European vacation ($16,000).

FSBO System® does a lot of good for people. In just one small market, its clients have saved over $50 million. But here is what could happen after the FSBO System® becomes established nationally: 

Every year, North American homeowners spend about $120 billion on residential real estate commissions. If, as our national market survey indicates, someday half of home sellers come to use the FSBO System®, they would save $60 billion. But we – the Company and its Counselors – would earn $10 billion for our services, so consumers would save $50 BILLION every year!

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